Recipe Section

Why not make your own recipes from scratch?

We're often being asked for granola but we find it doesn't keep well as a bulk product.  We do however stock everything you need to make your own delicious granola which you can add to with anything you like to make it yours!

Simple Granola Base Recipe:

300g Jumbo Oats

125ml Maple Syrup or Honey (Or a mix of both)

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

Optional Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Flaked Almonds

Heat your oven to 130 or Gas Mark 2.

Mix all the above ingredients together in a large bowl until everything is evenly coated.

Spread out onto two baking sheets and bake for 15 minutes.

Add any other dried ingredients such as dried fruit, shredded coconut or extra seeds to the tray and mix gently then bake for a further 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

Add choc chips if you like and store in an airtight container.

Enjoy with milk or as a snack.

Easy Nut Butter Cookies

As we have our nut butter machines we thought it would be daft not to include a recipe to use nut butter!

You can make these easy, delicious cookies with any nut butter.  We like pecan but they're just as good with peanut or walnut for example - whichever is your favourite!  We've got all the ingredients in store so why not get enough to make a batch and see how good a baker you are!


  • 1 Cup of any nut butter
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 2/3 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 egg


  1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix
  2. Use a teaspoon and the mix into balls. It may be a little sticky, but if you wet your hands it will stop it sticking (you should end up with 20-22 cookies)
  3. Pop the balls on a baking paper lined tray, gently press the balls with a fork
  4. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes (I would set the timer for 10 minutes though, and then check again at 12 minutes and 15 minutes just to be certain) 
  5. If you can bear to, leave to cool then enjoy with your favourite cuppa or a glass of milk!


Christmas Cake

With the big day looming we thought we'd share our favourite Christmas Cake recipe with you and did you know that, if you bring your recipe in with you and buy all your dry ingredients from us - we'll give you 10% off!



  • 1kg Vine Fruit Mix  *
  • zest and juice of 1 lemon & 1 orange
  • 150ml brandy , Sherry, whisky or rum, plus extra for feeding
  • 250g  butter 
  • 200g light soft brown sugar *
  • 175g plain flour *
  • 100g ground almonds *
  • ½ tsp baking powder  *
  • 2 tsp mixed spice *
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon *
  • 100g flaked almond *
  • 4 large eggs *
  • *  Available at The Naked Pantry



  1. Put  1kg vine fruit mix , the zest and juice of 1 orange and 1 lemon,  150ml brandy or other alcohol, 250g softened butter and 200g light, soft  brown sugar in a large pan set over a medium heat.
  2. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 5 mins. Tip the fruit mixture into a large bowl and leave to cool for 30 mins.
  3. Heat oven to 150C/130C fan/gas 2. Line a deep 20cm cake tin with a double layer of baking parchment, then wrap a double layer of newspaper around the outside – tie with string to secure.
  4. Add  175g plain flour, 100g ground almonds, ½ tsp baking powder, 2 tsp mixed  spice, 1 tsp ground cinnamon,  100g flaked almonds,  4 large eggs to the fruit mixture and stir  well, making sure there are no pockets of flour.
  5. Tip into your prepared tin, level the top with a spatula and bake in the centre of the oven for 2 hrs.
  6. Remove  the cake from the oven, poke holes in it with a skewer and spoon over 2  tbsp of your chosen alcohol. Leave the cake to cool completely in the  tin.
  7. To  store, peel off the baking parchment, then wrap well in cling film.  Feed the cake with 1-2 tbsp alcohol every fortnight, until you ice it.
  8. Don’t feed the cake for the final week to give the surface a chance to dry before icing.